Monday, June 22, 2015

Marchioness Maria

The following cake is always made by my Aunt Nancy on special occasions. Is a very simple cake to make but so delicious. Please Enjoy

1 Quart of whipping cream ( cold)
1 1/2 bags of Maria cookies
1 1/2 cans of condensed milk

Crush the cookies in your food processor into a fine texture. place aside.

Beat whipping cream into fine peaks. When the the whipping cream is done add the condensed milk slowly folding into the cream.

When the mixture is done place aside and you are ready to assemble the cake.

Place some of the cream mixture into the bottom of a rectangular glass pan, add the crumbs. Start doing layers ending with crumbs.

Place in freezer over night  

Hint:  When you are assembling try placing cake in freezer in between layers( 5 minutes) until you are finished with the assembly so the crumbs wont stick to your spoon.