Monday, July 11, 2011


This is our bread. In Venezuela you will see this patty on every table specially around breakfast time. I grew up having these with ham and cheese, Hamburger meat, with scrambled eggs and a little butter, you name it and these little patties can be stuffed with anything you heart desires. My favorite is stuffed with pulled pork. I will have a recipe on my blog later on. A Crock pot pulled pork recipe. I remember growing up as a child these would have to be grilled then put in the oven, these days you can buy an Arepa maker just about anywhere online.

 First Note: you can get the arepa flour in the international section of your supermarket. I will suggest "GOYA MASAREPA" however there are other kinds, just make sure is precooked is basically precooked corn meal flour.

2 Cups of Arepa Flour
1tsp salt
2 Cups warm water

1) In a bowl combine the arepa flour, salt, water, when dough is mixed , let it stand for 5 minutes.
2) form dough into patties 4-5 inches across and 1/2 inch thick.
3) Use a griddle or an arepa maker.
4) if using the arepa maker follow the instructions however if using the griddle put small amount of butter on medium heat. Cook arepas until browned on each side.
5) Transfer to 400 degree oven and continue cooking for about 10-15 minutes until nice and firm.



  1. Hi,
    this morning i tried to make arepas with the corn flour i have but the result was not good at all. the arepas were so dry and when i tried to open them they were broken. May be the cause was my corn flour. In Morocco we don't have a special corn flour for arepas.Any way thanks for charing all these classic recipes.

    1. hi I am sorry it did not work out for you. I am wondering if the corn flour you used was pre-cooked? i have to admit the one i use is called Goya or Pan ( Venezuelan) corn flour. You are welcome..more recipes coming soon.