Saturday, June 2, 2012


This grain is known as the rice for DIABETICS. It is really good for you. The nutritional evaluations of Quinoa indicate that it is a source of complete protein. It is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest. If you have made my coconut rice pudding ( found on this blog) i thought it would be nice to come up with a healthier version. The result is a rich-creamy pudding that reminds me of tapioca.


1/2 teaspoon of vanilla ( use good vanilla)
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 can (14oz) fat free sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of quinoa
1 can (12oz) Evaporated milk
1/2 cup of half and half
1 can (13.5 oz) creamy coconut milk
2 Tablespoons of coconut rum ( optional)
1/4 teaspoon of coconut extract
1 bag (7oz) sweetened shredded coconut
pinch of salt

Place cup of quinoa with 2 cups of water in a deep sauce pan. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer. Place cover on and cook for 15 minutes. When cooked the outer germ of each kernel twists outward, forming a spiral. The spiral remains crunchy while the kernel becomes soft. Add the above ingredients except the coconut. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add the Coconut and keep cooking for another 5 minutes. The pudding should be really rich and creamy but not dry. Turn off the burner let cool. Place in the refrigerator. Is good up to 3 days. Serves 7 people.

Since the quinoa will absorb most of the liquid, when serving feel free to add a little milk. Heat up if you prefer it warm or enjoy it chilled. Great for the Summer. ENJOY!

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